Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA)

Career Transitions is an adult service provider for the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA) for the Division Management Services Bureau in the Department of Labor and Industry for Gallatin and Park Counties. The WIOA Adult program provides for recruitment, counseling, referral, supportive services, training, job placement, and follow-up to WIOA- eligible individuals in Montana. The major emphasis of all services is to assist those individuals who meet the eligibility and other criteria in achieving economic self-sufficiency through entry into unsubsidized employment.

The income threshold for Adults and Youth for WIOA is listed in the table below:

Family Size Annual Non-Metro Area 6 Month Non-Metro Area
1 $12,060 $6,030
2 $17,282 $8,641
3 $23,727 $11,863
4 $29,287 $14,643
5 $34,565 $17,282
6 $40,424 $20,212

Our experienced staff successfully recruits, counsels, supports, and finds employment for people of all ages. More importantly, our people pride themselves in, not only matching people with training and jobs, but helping to instill pride through past successes, building self-confidence during the difficult job hunt process, and offering excitement in their new career course. We have helped support many individuals who have entered our doors frightened, discouraged, and unsure where to turn.

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